Makwateng seedbomb 1 May #2
Makwateng seedbomb 1 May #2

Landscape experiments

These are experiments that that go along with practice based research articles as a means to explore visual responses to theoretical arguments.

The gifs are in a response to an article that looks at the use of the picturesque by colonial artists as a means of framing the foreign landscape and how such practices inform the relationship between notions of landscape

The gifs depict the action of seed-bombing, which is a form of guerrilla gardening, here enacted on the site of what was once Makweteng – an area of pre-apartheid forced removals, that is near where I currently live.

Seeing that my usual artistic practice engages with self-identity, I wanted to explore how I could put myself back into the landscape without enacting the role of the possessing agent.

The floral attacks are a way of re-introducing indigenous flora onto derelict land.I aim to revisit the sites in spring to see if any of the seeds sprouted.
I decided to use gif animations because it is a sequence of frames. The format is willfully square as opposed to ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’.

Makwateng seedbomb 27 April #1
Makweteng seedbomb 27 April #1

Makweteng seedbomb 27 April_02
Makweteng seedbomb 27 April #2