Dwang 1

“Through looking we negotiate social relationships and meanings. Looking is a practice much like speaking, writing, or signing. Looking involves learning to interpret and, like other practices, looking involves relationships of power” – Sturken and Cartwright


I investigate and try to make visible the ways in which masculinity is performed. I don’t strictly envisage or interpret performance in a literal sense of the word only. I am interested in different traditions and contexts that represent specific aspects of rituals of power and how these are performed.

The Dwang portraits in particular are informed by a personal childhood memory. Although ostensibly erotic these images conjure up the unpleasant experience of public medical examinations administered by state doctors that all pre-adolescent boys in state schools had to undergo during the 1980s. By replacing the model with an adult male I want to question issues of agency and complicity.


These images are part of an exhibition Five Photographers at Dawid’s Choice Gallery and also includes works by Steven Bosch and Robert Hamblin. The exhibition has been extended until end of September 2013.

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