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Looking forward to the opening of OUTSIDER: The Media Mill, 7 Quince Street, Milpark, Johannesburg – 4 September 2012.

Organised and curated by Eben Keun and Francois De Villiers, artists include: Belinda Blignaut, Steven Cohen, Ruan Hoffmann, Reney Warrington, Hannelie Coetzee, Steven Bosch, Catherine Dickerson and MJ Turpin.

I’ve contributed a couple of older works from the A verbis ad verbera I and A verbis ad verbera II series as well as brand pieces from the White Masks Series.

Portret van 'n jong man # 8 (White Masks Series)

The White Masks Series deals with the performance of whiteness in a post-apartheid context. In South Africa whiteness studies have met with some suspicion, since the discourses of whiteness that shaped South African society before and during apartheid continue to influence social relations to the present (West & Schmidt, 2010:9-10; Green et al., 2007:389,405). In light of this, whiteness studies has at times been accused of neo-essentialism as well as presenting the potential to re-centre whiteness in an emergent black discourse (West & Schmidt, 2010:9-10).

However, Steyn (2005:120) argues that the study of whiteness may provide a critical perspective in the study of race, one that reveals the manner in which the centre constructs itself.

In the White Masks Series I take a social anthropological approach by focusing on symbolic behavior in an attempt to make the familiar strange. The masks refer to both the African and European significance of masks as well as the Western colonial exotification of ritual African masks – these images transforms the performance of whiteness into something visible, grotesque and alien.

Portret van 'n jong man # 11 (White Masks Series)
Portret van 'n jong man # 9 (White Masks Series)

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