Here are some images of the A Shot to the Arse exhibition and the artworks I contributed to it.

The inspiration for the White Masks Series, like the Dubul’ ibhunu portraits, derives from the title of Kenyan author and philosopher Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Decolonizing the Mind.

Die lied van jong Suid Afrika is a sound piece consisting of reworked versions of the struggle song Ayesaba amagwala, which features the line Dubul’ iBhunu (Shoot the Boer), and the Afrikaner Nationalist song Die lied van jong Suid Afrika.

I commissioned composer Franco Prinsloo to arrange the original nationalist song back to front (a sort of composed backward masking, if you will). The Dubul’ iBhunu lyrics were then arranged to fit this new wrong-way-around melody.
I wanted it to have the same rousing sound (and amateur performance) as those old Afrikaner nationalist songs – but with the disjuncture that the new lyrics bring to it. Without getting too deep into the thinking behind it – I’m most interested in the conundrum this performance of the song (by a choir of white Afrikaner men) poses for the hate speech verdict by Judge Colin Lamont.

Ayesaba amagwala – Original arrangement: Collins Chibane.
Die lied van jong Suid Afrika – Music: Hugo Gutsche [arrangement Dirkie de Villiers] Words: Eitemal.

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