On Valentines Day 2010 Stefanus Nel married his brand Blink Stefanus, in what can only be described as a kitchy campy East Rand home wedding extravaganza. The resulting pictures are a collaborative project between Steven Bosch and myself.

In order to echo the theme of the event the photos were shot on Kodak disposable cameras with additional photography on digital SLR. The latter had to be manipulated to mimic the distortions of the disposable camera shots.

The ‘Man Marries Logo’ wedding was a 2010 Loerie finalist in the ‘Live events’ category, but alas it was difficult to compete with the 3-D laser elephants of the Soccer World Cup closing ceremony.

Swinging times

Mothers of the Brand and wedding cake

The happy family

Whirlwind wedding

Picnic in the park

The happy couple on the bench

Blink Stefanus Wedding

For more pictures and an article on the event, click here: